Sustainability Statement

Our planet is the most important resource we can ever be a part of. Ensuring that we are playing our part in caring for it is our core priority. Rather than being a corporate checkbox, we wanted our brand to live and breathe its sustainability statement.

In an effort for full transparency, here’s some more information about our process from paddock to plate, or rather in our case from soy flakes to groovy shapes.


We have chosen soy wax, a vegan alternative that is kindest to our planet. Unlike Paraffin it is the most sustainable to produce (we’re part of a Soybean supply chain rather than Petroleum, how can that be a bad thing?).


Every candle is hand-poured in our sunny villa. We minimize our wastage by collecting excess wax over time and re-pouring candles whenever possible.

We also sell our mildly imperfect candles for a discounted price every few months (you will hear about our ‘perfectly imperfect’ sales on Instagram, so make sure to follow us on there).

Packaging & Postage

Our candles are hand-wrapped in an eco-tissue paper and our brand stickers. These are printed with soy-based inks that have minimal impact on our planet and are entirely recyclable. We also only use 100% recyclable eco-bubble wrap to protect our candles during transit.

Sometimes you will find that our candles are shipped to you in recyclable/ compostable bags and other times you will find them in an off-brand reused cardboard box. These are active choices we have made (at times significantly more expensive than their cruel plastic counterparts) to further minimize waste. Our off-brand boxes, or pre-loved packaging though might not be as slick or professional looking is certainly the kinder choice to make for our Planet.

What’s the point of a box being used only once? (see I told you I was a hoarder)

Why shouldn’t we re-use our shopping bags/ boxes/ wrapping where possible

Restock format

Another part of this our process is our restocking format, this gives us time to build up a large number of candles while NOT building up a large amount of waste.

We don’t believe in making 100s of candles that are sitting around on a website/ warehouse without a home or purpose to be made. Instead, we pour every single day for a few weeks until we have a cute batch of shapes and colours and are ready to set them out into the world!