Meet the Team

We lovingly hand-pour each candle in our sunny Mount Eden villa. There is no machine involved in this process, so here’s a chance to meet the Team.

Anahita (the vision)

I’m Anahita, or Naaytu as I was lovingly named in the glorious high school days.

I’m the vision of our brand: a photographer by trade, a hoarder by defect. I figured I needed an outlet for my incessant homeware collecting or ‘curating’ as I’d like to call it. That’s where Naaytu was borne.

I’m really passionate about sustainable production, circular business models and fighting/ dismantling corporate power structures that value profit over people and the planet.


Nathan (the brain)

I'm Nathan.

As a software and electrical engineer, I naturally always assumed I would end up spending all my spare time being a chandler.

I love to do all the techy stuff (website, making moulds, building things we need, wax calculations, accounting etc)

I also help with melting wax and pouring candles because that's what love is.