Support small: Sam Young Art

Support small: Sam Young Art

Ahead of our next restock, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the new direction of Naaytu. We’re passionate about sustainability and small business, you’ve heard us sing this song on Instagram (quite) a bit. 

Supporting small is so MUCH bigger than the act of buying from a small business. It’s allowing a maker/ creative to do what they love in a way that supports more ethical and sustainable practice. For example, a hand built ceramic artist will ALWAYS generate less waste than a large corporation that machine produces them. The maker will also be paying themselves a living wage (at least, hopefully more), where large corporations focus on profit over the people making them.

At Naaytu, we live and breathe sustainability as a choice that makes shopping an eco-conscious decision that puts the maker at the centre of it. We have chosen to expand our realm beyond candles because we love each and everyone one of these makers, their art and their story. We want to bring colour to your everyday in a meaningful way ☺️

This has meant supporting other makers and bringing you their art in a Naaytu way! First up is Sam Young Art, a ceramicist in Tauranga who makes fun playful designs that bring joy to the function of the object.

We had a little text interview with Sam so you can get to know her process and art a bit more. 

 How did you get into art/ ceramics?
SYA: My mum is involved in the Bethlehem pottery club ( a local club in Tauranga) and she taught me the basics about a year ago. I have always been amazed by the videos of potters doing their thing online so I just threw myself into all things pottery!
 Give us 3 words that describe your work?
SYA: Graphic, playful and practical. 

Do you listen to music while you work? What’s on your playlist right now? 
SYA: I listen to podcasts mostly! Ted talk radio hour and Stuff you should know are my faves at the moment but I also love to listen to a range of artists like The Smiths, Julia Jackson and Courtney Barnet.
What’s your favourite piece you’ve ever created, and why?
SYA: Hmm that’s a hard question! My favourite pieces change constantly because it’s a love/hate relationship lol. I love one ceramic and then eventually I just get sick of looking at it! The trick for me to keep the love in my work is to keep creating and moving into new ideas. 

Tell us about your favourite artists/ movies/ landscapes that inspire your work. 
SYA: I love the work of key west pottery! Such fun colours and whimsical designs. Also the spirit and skill of Michelle_wen_artist. She is so experimental and carefree it reminds me to not take it so seriously and just do what I love. 

 What is one thing no one knows about you?
SYA: That I usually procrastinate till about lunchtime on a work day lol. I have learnt to not be hard on myself when I do procrastinate and just trust my creative process. 

What’s one thing you love about being an NZ maker/ small business owner?
SYA: Being an NZ owned business comes with a community of like minded creatives! There is so much support out there for people starting out and I was blessed to meet some awesome people that provided their knowledge and just understanding conversation.

Why should we shop small?
SYA: Shop small because your supporting local artists pay their rent like me lol and you also get to have meaningful belongings that are made with love. 

What’s your dream collaboration?
SYA: My dream collaboration would be with children! If I threw the vessels and had a class where they could just paint and draw on them that would be so fun and fulfilling.

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