Design Inspiration: Matilda Goad

Design Inspiration: Matilda Goad

If you don't already know who Matilda Goad is, I highly suggest a quick Google search.

If you think of English cottage, but make it contemporary, that's Matilda Goad. Equal parts warm and cosy without being old fashioned or trendy, that's a really hard balance to strike. Where your home looks like it fits in 2022 but draws vintage Design elements without looking like it's your Grandma's floral clad space. 

(On the topic of floral clad spaces, you better watch out because all forecasters think 2023/ 24 are going to be all about the rise of the 90s Laura Ashley home all over again) 

British cottagecore meets New Zealand

 Pictured above is Matilda's kitchen in her London home. The warm burgundy & cream checkered tiles have become synonymous over the internet with Matilda's home. Matched with the warm pinks and sage-toned greens, elements of this Design would translate beautifully into homes across New Zealand. Think a refurbished Auckland villa, or a lodge style space around Queenstown & Central Otago. 

But I don't want to leave us renters out of this conversation, if you're a millenial living in New Zealand in 2022 chances are you probably don't own a home (like me). And I think that's fine, we each have our own journeys to home ownership, (if that's what we want). 

So a few elements that you could take away from Matilda's Design is adding colour through accessories, maybe upcycling a piece of furniture that's inspired by Matilda's colour palette (an example of this is on Evie Kemp's Instagram, where she upcycled a piece of furniture inspired by Matilda's kitchen) and painting your walls (if you can).

Here's a really good example of adding colour through an accessory, the art and the rug. The art ties in the colour of the wall through the soft blues but also some stronger cobalt tones and acidic yellows. These yellows used sparingly in a space really catch attention without being too sickly. 

 Here's another example of using smaller furnishings and accessories to bring colour into your space. Look at the large butter toned jug, or the wavy blue tray. Each of these smaller pieces are achieveable for renters and home-owners to bring some Matilda Goad into our New Zealand homes. 

Warm pink and red earth tones using accessories to bring Design into your New Zealand home.

What I love most about her home and her Design is the use of colour that is layered without being overwhelming. For example, below is Matilda's hallway a true ice blue contrasted with a warm brick red. The effect of these quite opposing colours draws the eye towards the botanical prints while creating a sense of warmth with the wooden arch (on the right side) and use of dark reds.

Layered colour in a London home and inspiration for New Zealand interiors

I've always spoken about how if we feel drawn to a certain style or space, it's important to take a moment and reflect on what we love. By doing this, you're understanding your own tastes and preferences independent of what we think we should like. 

So take a moment to Google Matilda Goad, or look her up on Pinterest and you might LOVE her home or it might not be for you. But either way, you're one step closer to knowing whether you love this contemporary English cottage style or not. 

I also wanted to take a moment and pick out a few Naaytu pieces that I would select for Matilda's home (if that were to ever happen haha!). And these are what I would choose and why

 At The Table's checkered ceramics would fit right into Matilda's home which uses this recurring motif in her kitchen, flooring and more. I would probably say she'd be drawn to the large Candelabra no. 413. Because a larger sculptural piece in blue seems more her. 

Checkered candelabra New Zealand interiors

Another piece I'd choose is the Tulip Tumblers, they have elements of European summer dinner party and I can see Matilda hosting her Design friends to an evening of drinks and dinner complete with some Limencello in these glasses.

Handblown tumblers New Zealand tableware

Lastly, I would probably go with the Walker Vase. An organic brick toned red (which we know she loves). And she seems into more sculptural pieces layered with English elements (think swans contrasted with organic fluid shapes).

 Organic ceramics New Zealand home styling

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