Danni Duncan, Invited Us In

Danni Duncan, Invited Us In

We've started a new series, called Invited Us In where we meet with and chat to people who inspire us, who's work we love or people we just want to get to know a bit better.

Today, we're meeting with Danni Duncan a full-time content creator based in the sunny town of Napier. She takes us into her eclectic, vintage furnished colourful home where she lives with her husband Alex, and their adorable cat Stanley 

 Danni Duncan, content creator takes us into her Napier home. New Zealand interior inspiration



Hey Danni, I feel like I already know you really well, but for anyone new here, tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a full time content-creator/influencer working primarily in the conscious fashion/sustainable lifestyle space. It all started with my love for thrifting and turned into a full-time job which I'm still so grateful I get to do. Off Instagram I'm at the gym most days of the week (yes, I'm one of those Cross-Fit girls haha), I surf (mainly in summer time) and I'll eat out and drink gin any chance I can get. 

 Danni Duncan, content creator takes us into her Napier home. New Zealand interior inspiration

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If you could swap houses with any person, who would it be and why?

 We've had this conversation before, so I know you'll understand, but my style and what I gravitate to and am inspired by changes quite a lot. In the past I had a real love for mid-century and the deeper tones of the 70s. Then I moved from the deeper, richer tones to loving brighter colours, more quirky and eclectic pieces. I feel like my current style is a merge of both. At the moment I really love homes by people like Ana Piteira. I feel like her space can't be pinpointed to one particular style. It's just this colourful, beautiful mixture of all the things she loves. When I look at images of her home it feels homely to me. 


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What's one piece of dream furniture/ home piece you've been eyeing up for ages?

Look, I'm a thrifter at heart - I don't know luxury designer names, so I had to look this up, but I want a beautiful, comfy couch that has a Togo, Lingne Roset feel to it. 
Your interior style is really colourful and playful, tell us about your dream colour palette?
Deeper rich tones lending to that 70s style, mixed with bright pops of greens, blues and oranges. 
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You've always been SUCH an amazing support and cheerleader for us here at Naaytu (thank you!), and I know personally our beliefs towards shopping/ consumption are very similar. But if you were to share one piece of advice/ some of your knowledge in this space, what would it be and why?

Take your time. Think on something for at the very least a day or two before you hit that "buy now" button. Consider how the piece you're purchasing will fit in with your home or wardrobe before you spend your money on it. We are all guilty of getting sucked into trends, but not every trend is going to fit our personal style and this is a lesson we all need to learn (and one I'll put my hand up and say I've learned by making mistake). 
Thank you so much Danni for chatting with us! Check out more of her work, home and Stanley over on her Instagram @danni___duncan

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